Our Mission
“Our Mission at Dank of America is to provide high quality cannabis, with outstanding customer service at affordable prices in a relaxed friendly atmosphere”
Find Your Relaxed State of Being
Are you looking for a refuge from the stressful world we live in?  You’re surrounded by constant demands and pressured with endless “to-do” items.  You’re bombarded by unexpected things in your life that need your attention.
Then come make a “withdraw” from Dank of America and “deposit” your mind in a better place
The Budtenders at Dank of America are here to help you!   We want you to discover your path toward peace and relaxation with our extraordinary selection of flower, cannabis, edibles, extracts, pre-rolls, tinctures, topicals, and concentrates.  Dank of America has made it possible for scores of people in Whatcom County and elsewhere to find premium quality products at affordable prices.
People like you come here over other marijuana dispensaries because our staff is so knowledgeable and the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly.  And our selection is second to none!  We have the most affordable prices in Whatcom County!
If you’re looking for relief from an ailment or medical condition, you’re in luck. We also offer a wide selection of Topicals, Capsules, RSO, and Tinctures that are of the best quality.  On the recreational side, we sell everything from lighters to bongs to top-tier flower.  For your convenience, we can supply you with pre-rolls and vape carts for a quick high.  If you are looking for dabs, you can choose from our amazing selection on our expansive oil wall.
What’s more, no matter what you like to call it — marijuana, cannabis, flower, herb, weed, chronic, preroll, joint, edible, doobie, jibber, Dank of America carries the best selection of top shelf products in Whatcom County!
What we, at Dank of America, think you will notice and appreciate most of all is our staff!  We are not here to sell at you but to work with you. No sales pitches. Instead, our expert Budtenders get to know you and your preferences so you can feel comfortable and confident with your purchase.  There is no intimidation or high-sales pressure scene here.  You walk into a relaxed, easy-going, welcoming environment at Dank of America!
At Dank of America, we want to bring relief and happiness to your life.  So let’s get started!

Getting Started